Get A Euphoric High With These Cinderella 99 Seeds

With cannabis seeds now being used around the world for multiple reasons, the demand has never been this high. With the whole of Canada legalising the use of cannabis, it has helped people possess the cannabis without any legal issues. Furthermore, this has also brought about a change in the terms of how the product sells. Now, you not only have offline stores for this but various online platforms as well. One of the biggest advantages of getting it from an online store is that you get multiple options to choose from. One such popular strain is the Cinderella 99 seeds, which is ideal for people looking to get a euphoric high.

If you want to know more about this variant of the cannabis seeds, here is a detailed analysis of the different aspects of it.

Chemical characteristics

It has an incredibly high content of Sativa in it, standing at 85% with only 15% of it having Indica. This makes it ideal for you to get that high you want. Furthermore, it comes with a CBD range of more than 1% and a THC range of 21%, which just shows how much of relaxing agents are there in this strain.

Physical Characteristics

The physical appearance of this strain is quite small as it does not grow to be a big plant. It produces flowers of shades like dark purple and sage green with both of them having reddish orange pistils. The pistils or the hair twists throughout the length of the plant to give it a distinct appearance.

Medical benefits

Since it gives you a euphoric high, it is extremely good to relieve stress and helps you in a state of mind of depression. It also helps in relieving pain in certain conditions.

Aroma and Flavour of Cinderella 99 seeds

The aroma of these particular seeds is citrusy, fruity and sweet, something similar to pineapple. The same goes for flavour with citrusy, earthy, sweet, tropical and fluffy.

Relevant information on its growth

The ideal temperature required for growing this strain is 20-25 degrees Celsius. Also, it does not really require high quality nutrients for it to grow big as only a good soil is enough. For indoor cultivation, it usually takes the 56 days to flower properly giving you 160oz/m2 and when it comes to outdoors, plant it in a way to get the harvest somewhere around September or early October. For outdoors, you get a yield of 350oz per plant.

With all the features mentioned here, Cinderella 99 seed is one of the best options for you if you are looking to get a euphoric high at affordable prices.