How to prepare your dog for doggy daycare

Sending your pooch to daycare is not as simple as dropping him off and hoping that he will fit in well.  Many dog owners worry about how scared their pets will be when they meet with others or how homesick they may get on their first day. When it is time for your dog’s first day in daycare, there are actually a few things to do to prepare him for the new environment.

Familiarize him with the environment

Consider taking your dog to the daycare facility a few times before his first day. Once the dog is familiar with the facility, staff and other dogs, the chances are that he will be excited on his first day. The experience should be treated like sending a child to summer camp. It is common for parents to ensure that children carry their toys, snacks and other items they love. Similarly, park your pet’s favorite toy, blanket and dog food when sending your dog to a boarding kennel. This will help in making his time at the daycare run as smooth as possible.

Manage your dog’s anxiety

On a specific day you take your dog to the daycare facility, set aside a few hours before the appointed time. Give him plenty of exercises to make him tired and ready to rest of sleep. In his situation, he will not be a focus on resting and will not be as anxious when he arrives at the daycare facility. His surrounding will be familiar when he wakes up after a long nap. Often, the dog can pick up anxiety from the owner. It is good to look positive and depart quickly when you drop him off after arriving at the daycare facility. You can also keep your dog feeling positive by making less labored actions during preparations before the big day.

Ensure he is up-to-date with Vaccination

Boarding facilities will require your pet to be up to date with vaccinations to prevent the risk of catching or giving others diseases. The facility may request a record of dog vaccinations before allowing him to join the others on his first day. Make sure everything is in order. If you do not have the records, ensure to contact the veterinary to get another copy. If your dog is not up-to-date with any vaccination, take him to the vet a couple of weeks before taking him to daycare as vaccinations can take a number of days to be effective. Typically, owners are required to be up-to-date with shots for parvovirus, leptospirosis, kennel cough, parainfluenza, hepatitis and distemper.

Provide your contacts

For your peace of mind, leave behind your contacts. The staff will be happy to take your calls and update you on how your pet is progressing. Some facilities will have live webcams to allow you to keep an eye on your pet all day, even on the hound playground. You can provide alternative contacts when travelling, to enable staff to communicate with a caretaker in the case of an incident.

If you are planning to take your dog to a dog day care Centreville VA, make sure he is ready. While the new experience can be exhilarating, pets need to be prepared for it.