3 Family-Friendly Dog Breeds

It’s an exciting time in your children’s life: choosing their first pet! Before you make such an important decision, consider your children’s temperament, whether or not you want a large or small dog, and of course, whether or not you need to account for a family member’s allergies. Also, remember to consider where you live when choosing the best breed for your family. If you live in a hot climate, a dog with short hair might be happier; if you reside in a colder one, a large dog with longer hair will stay warm all winter long. Here are some family-friendly dog breeds that will help you start looking in the right direction:

The Hypoallergenic Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are the darlings of the past decade; it seems like everybody and their neighbor has one of these happy little designer breed puppies Castle Rock CO. Their easygoing and youthful temperament makes them well-suited for days of fun with small children. And, as a bonus: they’re hypoallergenic and they rarely shed.

The Loyal Labrador

Labrador retrievers, or “labs”, are high-energy, fast-growing puppies that will keep up with even the most energetic kids. If your children are a little bit older – past the precarious baby and toddler stage – they might enjoy having a loyal, constantly-on-the-go companion who is as playful as they are.

The Calm Beagle

Beagles might not immediately come to mind as a great family dog, but they’re usually quite calm and respectful of smaller members of the family. Because they are smaller dogs, they will live longer than their larger companions – and lifespan is a good thing to consider when thinking of a child’s attachment to a pet.

There are obviously several more breeds to choose from, but this list should get you started. Your children are sure to love their new friend!