One thing that’s for certain is that without lighting, our lives would be a mere horror show. Imagine not having lights, and you need to go get water from the fridge. Yes, thought so.

Lighting plays a big part in our lives. Not only does it light our life, but it also adds a style to our lifestyle. Undoubtedly, the sole purpose of lighting is to light our homes, but it wouldn’t be bad if you add a bit of style to it. All over the world; thousands of different types of lights are produced and bought. The style depends on the market class. They go with the themes of your home walls to the color of your walls.


There are unlimited types of lighting available all over the world, from custom orders to wholesale products. People buy what they think would suit in their houses the best. Here are some of the most popular lighting used all over the world.


•    Chandeliers

Possibly, one of the most common types of lighting used in homes, the Chandeliers. They are big structures that have a lot of light bulbs in it and are mostly used for dining rooms and lounges. They are stylish yet quite expensive.

•    Spotlights

These are bright, round lights installed in the ceiling that give off a bright and compact light, used to show parts of your house you cherish the most.

•    Table Lamps

You probably have one. Table lamps are a crucial accessory in decorating your house, not only do they make your house look bright and aesthetic, but they also provide help when you have to read of check something.

•    LED Lights

These are one of the expensive lights. Long lasting and very bright, they are bulbs made from bulbs within them that save electricity and brighten the area too. They are usually used in buttons and decorating purposes.


•    Security Lights

The most important part of a house is creating a secure environment. Security lights are bright and vastly spread lights that can be activated through buttons as well as sensors. They make sure nothing, or nobody goes unnoticed.

•    Lamp Posts

These are the most beautiful lights, usually installed in the gardens, or the driveway, they are very stylish and give off a warm, cozy yet bright light.

•    Underwater, Pool Lights

If you have a pool, you definitely need these. Pool lights are installed in pool walls and are waterproof as well as very bright. But, they are very expensive too.

•    Solar Lights

The newest version of lights, the solar lights is powered by solar energy. The store energy when the sun shines and light up when it doesn’t.


All of these lights are full of style and class. Only you need to do is find the right type and design to give your home, office or workplace the best makeover possible. However, the stylish it gets, the expensive it is.