What Employers Should Look for on Background Checks

Hiring the right people is essential for running a successful business. Unfortunately, it’s very hard to make sure you’re they’re the right people. You’ll learn a great deal from the employment interview, but additional screening is the only way to verify some crucial information. Here are the most important facts to pull from employer background check services.

Criminal Record

Let’s start with the most obvious piece of information you need from employer background check services: the applicant’s criminal record. While many employment applications ask candidates if they have ever been convicted of a felony, many misdemeanors fall into troublesome categories. It’s also possible that the applicant may not be honest, and if you find this out, it may be a major red flag that you should take seriously.

Driving Record

Whether or not the position you’re hiring for requires driving, a prospective employee’s driving record is important to consider. Firstly, they’ll probably be driving to and from work; if they have lots of moving violations on their record, that could affect their ability to get to work and their attendance. Secondly, a reckless driver may not be the best person to hire. Obtaining a driving record from employer background check services can be an important snapshot of a job candidate.

Credit History

Finally, an applicant’s credit history can be extremely helpful to making a hiring decision, particularly if they would be handling funds, or making financial decisions. It will help you learn if they are financially trustworthy and exhibit sound decision making. If they have liens, bankruptcies or defaults on their record, this may be cause for alarm.

Hiring is difficult, so you want to be armed with as much information as you can have to help you make your decision. Use these reports to learn about the applicants for your company’s position.