Things to take with you for Hajj

Hajj is a remarkable spiritual journey for every Muslim. It is one of the five pillars of Islam. If you are planning on going to Saudi Arabia to perform Hajj and have looked into all the details of the journey like Hajj packages from Pakistan, accommodations, and other necessary things. Then it would be best if you also thought about what you will be taking along with you for Hajj.

There are a few things that everyone should take with them when they go to perform Hajj. Below, we will mention a list of things that you should take with you for a safe, memorable, and convenient journey to Saudi Arabia. You can take help from the list below and make changes according to your needs and requirements.

Four Essentials for Hajj:

  1. Ihram: you can’t perform Hajj without tying an Ihram. Ihram consists of two pieces of white cloth that are not sewn. It is specifically for men to around their lower half and one on the rest of the body (covering one shoulder). You can buy Ihram that is made of good cloth so that you won’t feel too hot, and your fabric will absorb all the sweat because the Hajj season is a humid and warm season. You can tie some cloth to secure your Ihram. Remember to use Vaseline on sensitive areas of the body because you will not be wearing any undergarments. You can also wear a fanny pouch to keep essential things in. But, remember that the Shurtas will inspect the bag because of security reasons.
  2. Money and Food: when you have decided on going for Hajj and hired an agent, then you should ask him about how much money you will need apart from Hajj 2020 cost Pakistan. He will let you know how much you will be spending after you reach Mecca and Madinah (roughly), and then after getting an idea of money, you can bring some more or less according to it. It is a better option to keep spare cash in case of emergencies. Similarly, the agent you hire will be taking care of your meals, but for extra munching, you should buy your own snacks and water. Always keep water with yourself because it will be hot in Saudi Arabia.
  3. Medicines: When you travel to a new city, you can quickly get sick because of the change in the environment and atmosphere. We usually don’t take medication for food poisoning and gastrointestinal diseases when we are at our homes. Still, it is different when we travel to other countries, especially for performing Hajj. Because during Hajj, you have to endure a lot of physical toils, and you don’t want to be ill during the most spiritual journey of your life. You want to be healthy to enjoy and give your 100% for Hajj. Another reason for bringing meds with you is that millions of people from all around the world come to perform Hajj, and they bring God knows how many infections with them even after vaccinations. So, to save yourself from basic illnesses, you can ask your doctor for a prescription and bring along with you some essential medicines like painkillers.
  4. Clothing: Saudi Arabia is a dessert and is hot almost all year long, and apart from being hot, it also becomes congested with nearly 4 million pilgrims. So, to ensure that your trip goes well without any issues, you should pack clothes which won’t bother you during Hajj. Your clothes should be of light and airy material (but not see-through), comfortable and simple, so that your journey is spent in ease. You can also ask what type of clothes are preferable when you are inquiring to people about the Hajj package 2020 Pakistan price. Bring enough clothes that you have two at all times when the other dresses are in for washing.