The Ideal Trade Show Booth Storage Services

Once you have invested in custom and portable trade show booth, you want to do everything possible to retain its original condition. As such, you have duty to hire the best trade show booth storage services where your trade show exhibit will be handled with utmost care during storage and shipping. But, what defines a good trade show booth storage services provider?

Air conditioned storage

Temperature extremes can easily break down magnetic struts and panels with time. Moreover, laminated graphics are bound to de-laminate if continuously exposed to extreme temperatures. That is why it is advisable to seek trade show booth storage services provider with a climate controlled or air conditions storage warehouse to ensure that your trade show booth is stored in the best conditions possible.

Shipping and maintenance services

Your trade booth storage services provider should offer the most economical mode of shipping your unit to and from the warehouse. This not only saves you time and money but also ensures that your unit is shipped conveniently to avoid damages while on transit. In addition, once the trade show booth is shipped back to the warehouse after a busy trade show event, the storage company should be willing to access the unit and offer refurbishment solutions before storage. This ensures that the unit is stored in its perfect working condition for the next trade show event.

Additional services

Some additional services to look out for include; unit inspection upon return from a trade show event, proper labelling of cases and crates, shipment tracking while on transit to and from the storage warehouse and repackaging and reconfiguring your trade show booth. Such additional services signify commitment and dedication by the storage service provider.


There is nothing as demotivating as discovering that parts of your trade show booth display are damaged or missing while putting it together on a trade show floor. In such a case you may have to use an incomplete or damaged trade show booth display since you may not have the time and resources required to fix it at hand. Avoid such last minute disappointments by hiring a renowned and professional trade show booth storage services provider like Blazer Exhibits and Events. We understand that a trade show booth is a costly and valuable investment that must be stored and handled with care.

At Blazer Exhibits and Events, we have been renting, designing and selling trade show booths for over 3 decades. Therefore, storage and management of the same is natural and easy for our team. We ensure that your trade show exhibit is in proper condition and always gets where it should be on time.