The benefits of temping as a chef in 2019

As a chef, you’ll know that working in the hospitality industry can be tough. Restaurants are closing down and popping up at unprecedented rates, and businesses are looking to streamline wherever possible to cut costs and drive efficiencies. Heck, you may even have been replaced by a robot if you work in a fast-casual chain! In today’s uncertain times, you might think that a permanent contract is the most secure opportunity to come your way – but have you considered the benefits of working in temporary roles? Below, we outline them…

Great pay

Unlike permanent roles where you’re salaried, temporary chefs are paid for every hour they work, with many catering recruitment agencies guaranteeing chefs a minimum of 40 hours per week, meaning that you’ll likely earn more in a temporary role than you would have done in a full-time role. In an effort to make the experience more streamlined, many businesses also offer their temporary staff free meals and accommodation on-site, which can further cut your costs and allow you to make more from your temporary contract, whether you’re single or you’re saving to buy a house with your partner. Indeed, temporary chefs are offered great rates of pay – and those extra pennies can be put away for a holiday or just a rainy day.

Learn stuff

Another working in temporary positions is that you can learn tonnes of new stuff from some of the world’s most experienced head chefs and their teams. You’ll know that every kitchen in the country is different, each with its own working practices and way of doing things. Exposing yourself to multiple kitchens over a short space of time makes you a more rounded employee, allowing you to expand your culinary knowledge, increase your reputation in the industry. The chances are you’ll make some useful new connections, which leads us to…

Make friends

By working within different teams up and down the country, you’ll get to meet lots of new people working in the hospitality industry, many of whom can become lasting friends. Whether you’re happy to relocate as a temporary chef or you want to stay local, the social aspect of temping is a major draw for many experienced chefs who want to broaden their horizons. You may even hit lucky and find a future husband or wife when you’re working, too!


We’re not saying that temporary positions are a walk in the park, but they remove some of the pressure of working for an organisation on a permanent basis. Indeed, if you are an experienced chef and have worked in the same role for years, you’ll likely have had to find time for rotas, training, forecasting and driving efficiencies – as a temp chef, you can get back in the kitchen and make a real difference at a restaurant or hotel on a short-term contract.

There are some downsides to temporary jobs, such as short-term contracts and a lack of flexibility, but the overwhelming positives outweigh those drawbacks. Whatever you decide to do, use your skills wisely and work in roles you genuinely enjoy. We wish you good luck!