Signs You May Require Chimney Cleaning Services

You probably use your fireplace a few times in a year, depending on the weather conditions in your region. However, it’s still recommendable to clean your chimney at least once a year to enable functionality. It’s wise to hire a chimney sweep Washington DC rather than trying to get rid of soot, debris or creosote from your chimney yourself. Summer would be an excellent time to hire a professional for an annual chimney cleaning, but you may need to do so earlier if you notice any of these signs.

A Strong Odor

You may be having a problem with the chimney shaft if you have noticed a strong smell originating from your chimney. Fires often produce a pleasant smell from burning wood in the fireplace instead of a strong odor. A fault in the chimney drafting can cause smoke to enter your house instead of leaving. You can avert smoke damage by cleaning up your chimney as soon as you notice strong smells.

Poorly Burning Fires

If you experience problems starting a fire or keeping a fire burning for a long time in your fireplace, your chimney shaft could be preventing proper airflow. If you have a good flow of air, your fire should burn for several hours without a problem. You may need to contact a chimney sweep to inspect your chimney and fireplace if you notice this sign.

Black Soot or Creosote

You are bound to have black soot in your chimney as long as you burn wood. It’s wise to get rid of sediment to keep your chimney fire-free. It’s advisable to check your chimney after three months and call for an inspection.

These pointers can help you to know when to hire chimney cleaning services. However, it’s wise to exercise some caution when choosing a chimney sweep. You may need to take time and hire the most experienced and reputable cleaning services provider.