Oil Water Separators: Uses and Application

Oil water separators are used in a wide range of industries to treat contaminants in water, such as oil and hydrocarbons. The devices can be designed to suit industry-specific needs. If you are looking for oil water separators North Carolina, here are some things to consider.

What Is an Oil Water Separator?

An oil water separator is a device used to separate mixtures of oil and water into their individual components. There are many different types of oil water separators that serve different industrial purposes.

Marine Oil Water Separators

Marine oil water separators are used to separate oil and other contaminants that could cause damage to marine life. They are most commonly used on ships to separate oil from wastewater before it is dispensed into the ocean.

Centrifugal Oil Water Separators

Centrifugal oil water separators use the process of centrifugation to separate mixtures into their oil and water components. These devices are large, cylindrical containers and are most commonly used in oil spills and wastewater treatment. Centrifugal oil water separators work by separating mixture components by density: larger density liquids will accumulate at the bottom and smaller density liquids will congregate at the top.

Gravity Plate Separator

A gravity plate separator is a type of water oil separator that uses a series of plates to separate water and oil droplets. These devices work by causing water to stick to the bottom of a plate and oil droplets to stick to the top; the accumulated oil is transferred from the top of a plate to an oil tank. Gravity separators are a popular choice for many industrial applications.

API Oil Water Separator

API oil water separators are used in chemical plants and oil refineries to separate large amounts of oil and suspended hydrocarbons from the plant’s wastewater. These devices are best used in industries that need to separate exceptionally large oil droplets from their wastewater.

When looking for an oil water separator, it is important to consider which type will best suit your needs.