Kolonaki; An aristocratic neighborhood in central Athens

Traveling is fun, isn’t it? What do you consider while deciding a place to visit? Music, nightlife, shopping malls, and the tourist’s places are what that attract and convince people to visit a place. You are planning to go on vacation; then you should visit Kolonaki, which is a wealthy and upmarket district. It is a neighborhood area full of high-end shops. You can do many exciting things there, but the most special thing about Kolonaki is clubs Kolonaki where you can enjoy music with drinks. But remember that these types of places usually remain crowded.

A fashionable meeting area:

Kolonaki is a neighborhood district in central Athens Greece. It is one of the capital’s prominent shopping areas.  It is a perfect place for those who are in Greece and love shopping as there are high-end boutiques and jewelry shops. You find international and Greek designer’s collection in Kolonaki.

Kolonaki is, in fact, one of the oldest districts in Athens, Greece. It is a must to visit place for shoppers, and if you don’t want to shop, you can sit relaxed at a coffee shop and see people shopping and having fun.

Things to do in Kolonaki:

Before leaving home for vacations, you always should plan. It is always better to research about the place you want to visit. You should know the details about the places that are worth visiting. If you are planning to visit Kolonaki, then you should be aware of what you can do there. Museum of Cycladic Art is a must to visit place in Kolonaki.  There are more than 3000 artifacts Cypriot art and Ancient Greek art. It is quite an interesting place to visit as you can see ancient Aegean and Cypriot cultures.

Apivita Experience Store is famous for its products made with extracts and active ingredients from local plants. Pamper yourself on the first floor or enjoy an orange juice. You can get advice and buy products as well. You will find a barbershop on the third floor where you can refresh your hairstyle.

Clubs Kolonaki:

One thing that attracts most tourists to a place is its nightlife. Many people consider the nightlife of a city while planning a vacation. They are more interested in how people spend their nights in that particular city more than anything else. Greece is famous for its nightlife as it just starts when the rest of Europe goes to bed to sleep.

From large clubs to trendy lounges you can find everything in Kolonaki. The district comes with an old timely charm and quality drinks to match. Satisfy your cravings for jazz and rare whiskeys. Enjoy music and cocktails in friendly and historic spaces. There are trendy bars that will win your heart.

So, if you are in Greece and looking for more places to visit and enjoy, then Kolonaki is one of them. You will find many things of your interest there and clubs Kolonaki is one of them. So, have a nice journey to the chic and wealthy district in Greece.