How Much is Your Horse Worth?

Horses are noble and intelligent animals. If you own one or more, you also know that they are friendly and affectionate as well. Unfortunately, just like humans, horses can have health issues. If you come down a sick horse it can not only be emotionally difficult but also costly.

How To Set An Insurance Value for Your Horse

Various types of insurance are available through competing agents for our equine friends. Horse owners can purchase mortality insurance, which is similar to life insurance for people, as well as major medical, loss of use, and liability insurance policies.

Your horse’s value, from the insurance agent’s perspective, is established by several criteria. One of the key determinants is how much you paid for the horse. Also important are the following factors:

  • Has the horse won any competitions or awards?
  • Does the animal provide a key service, such as equine-assisted therapy?
  • Does the horse have a prized pedigree?
  • Has the horse received extensive training?

Consideration of these points will help you and the insurance agency place a reasonable and accurate value for your animal.

What to Look For In an Insurance Agency

When looking for a horse insurance quote, keep the following in mind: Does the insurance agency have the highest ratings and is the agency’s policies available in your state?

  • Insurance Agency Ratings. Look for an independent insurance rating agency to get information on the agency’s strength and stability.
  • Standing WIthin Your State. Insurance providers do not necessarily operate in all 50 states. Be sure that any potential firm you like can actually provide coverage in your state.
  • Recommendations from Close Horse-Owning Friends. Horse owners can be part of a tight-knit group. Friends who have already obtained health insurance for their horses can be of immense value.

Yes, horses are wonderful animals and can be some of our best friends. You’ll be better off when you insure the value of the life and health of your animal.