How insurance software works?

Online insurance has changed the market when it came to the scene. It is faster and more efficient than going to the agency. They are always competing with each other to get more users under their name. But, to get better at the job, the technology that you are using also needs to go with the trend.

Computer software is constantly updating meaning it is becoming better and fast. This also applies to software for insurance companies. You probably ask yourself where to find insurance software? Firstly, you need to learn how it works, so you can apply it to your agency.

Every system runs differently depending on the company that made it, but they have the same basics. Companies just set certain things towards your agency to make it easier and efficient.

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Once you log into the system you will see that there is a “time in”. This will allow you to see the “time in” from every employee at every location. Not only it shows you the time in, but it also shows the IP address that they logged in at. This will prevent any employee from trying to log in at home and then run up to the office.

Usually, on the left side, you will have follow-up items and notes. These are notes or like instant messages that you can send to one another from an office or offices. It is a great tool to use to communicate. You send a note to just one employee or you can send it to all employees. You can also use these as sticky notes as reminders, and they will not appear until the day comes that is placed in the note.

Any note that is sent from one user to another will usually appear in red. Any note that is a to-do note for a special insured, the note will appear in blue. The insured name will also be hyperlinked, so if you click on the name it will take your right to their file.


Not all insurance companies offer downloads. That means that every time you go into a customer’s file, you have to remember does this company offer “downloads” because if not then you could be looking at wrong information. Another interesting thing is when insured calls an agent to ask about their coverage or deductibles, most agents say that even though they go into the management system, they always go to the insurance company’s website anyways just to make sure. That is because the best information is on the company’s website.

When you pull up a policy you are able to see all the basic information, the name, language, phone number, email address, customer ID, who entered the information. At the bottom, you can see which policy the user has. To make the payment all you have to do is to click on that policy number and it takes you to the company’s website. Depending on the policy, there will be more or less information.

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The other problem with downloads is it eliminates you to process a payment in your management system. It means when the insured comes in to make a payment you are going to hand them a receipt from the insurance company so you are advertising the insurance company that is also competing against you. The software system allows you to print the receipt from the management system which advertises your agency.


These systems allow you to go paperless meaning you can scan all the documents that are in the file and upload it to each client’s file. You can also upload any photos that you need of any home, or auto. So, when the company asks you for a photo which is a basic procedure, you can just right click on the photo in the software and email it to them. The system also does comprehensive reporting to allow you to manage your insurance agency.

This reporting is a great thing if you want to check constantly is your agency running smoothly. It can prevent theft and mistakes made by employees because you can compare what is going outside and look at the transactions. Read more on this page. There are a lot of different reports like bank deposits, transaction details, fee details, expenses, and that is just for accounting purposes. Additionally, you have investigative, production, employee, statistics and much more.

Everything is stored online, so you don’t have to carry your paperwork with yourself. It is fast, efficient, and more appealing to the users. You can also add advertisement to the receipt, and if you make one more sale because of that, that will pay you the software. You can also add some features of your own features just consult with the software insurance company. This is expanding throughout the years, so adapting to what is the future is the best for your agency.