Horseback Riding Equipment For Beginners

Schooling horses takes a lot of time and dedication from you, but it can be incredibly rewarding, especially when competing together for the first time. However, first, will you need to find and purchase all the equipment you will need to train your horse to do exactly as you want him or her to do.


When you first begin schooling horse jumps, you will be using jumps that are no more than a few feet off the ground. Eventually, once you start participating in higher-level competitions, your horse will routinely be expected to jump slightly over five feet high. It may take a while to work up to that height, so you may want to purchase multiple jumps for your horse to practice on. Alternatively, you can look for adjustable jumps so that you can scale them to the height your horse needs to practice on at that time.

Riding Equipment

If you are already a season horseback rider, you likely already have the proper riding equipment. Both you and your horse need special apparel to keep yourselves safe. You will need to wear at least jodhpurs and a helmet while riding your horse, and the horse will need a saddle, stirrups, bridles, and various harnesses to keep you safe and in-place on your horse’s back. All of this equipment can be quite a heavy investment, so be sure that you are prepared to take on the financial burden before deciding whether or not to pursue your dreams of horseback riding.

Horseback riding and competing can be a very expensive hobby to keep up with. Not only do you have the cost of all the equipment, but you also have the upkeep and grooming of your horse. But if the two of your work together, your investment will have been worth it in the end.