Eliminate Complex Processes and Expensive Freezing Equipment With This New Bambanker Freezing Medium

In line with our mission to bring to the market the best products in technological innovation in Molecular Biology, Quimirel represents Nippon Genetics in Colombia. Thanks to this alliance we have brought to the Colombian market a patented freezing medium BAMBANKER (EP 1347040), which will allow better performance and sustainability of biological cultures in the long term laboratory thanks to this new freezing medium.

Long Term Storage of Cell Culture

Cryopreservation of mammalian cells is extremely valuable and common in biological research or Biología Molecular. The variety of applications for which cultured mammalian cells are suitable is virtually unlimited. For this reason, a property that is essentially exploited by all laboratories that use cultured cells is their ability to be stored indefinitely at freezing temperatures.

The fear of losing a cell line due to contamination or incubator failure is often the impetus to make cell archival storage a high priority after receiving or generating a new cell line. Once transferred from the growth medium to the freezing medium, the cells are generally frozen at a controlled rate and stored in liquid nitrogen vapor or at -130 ° C in a mechanical freeze.

While there are numerous different protocols for freezing cells, they all involve the use of a “freezing medium” that contains a cryoprotectant such as DMSO or glycerol.

The freezing of a cell line is a procedure that is commonly performed, yet problems arise when adequate freezers are not available, or unwanted variables are introduced due to the presence of serum freeze, extra wash or complicated algorithms.

Save Time While Saving Your Cells

Bambanker ™ cell freezing medium allows cryopreservation of cells at -80 ° C (or in liquid nitrogen), avoiding the need for an additional and expensive ultralow freezer and avoiding complicated and time-consuming controlled freezing protocols.

The protocol is very simple:

1) Harvest the cells in the logarithmic growth phase and sediment them by centrifugation

2) Aspirate the growth medium.

3) Resuspend the cells in 1 ml of Bambanker (for 0.5 to 10 million cells)

4) Transfer the cell suspension to a cryovial and place it in a freezer at -80 ° C. No controlled freezing is required.

(5) Store at -80 ° C

No scheduled or sequential freezing is required!

Serum Adds Variation To Long Term Storage

Bambanker ™ is a serum-free cryopreservation medium that is delivered ready to use and can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two years. Convenient 20 ml bottles are available, which makes BambankerTM freezing medium ideal for individual lab members to use. Today, this innovative BambankerTM cell freezing medium is the market leader in Japan and is characterized by many different published articles with very sensitive cell lines worldwide.

Find out the list of cells that have been successfully preserved with Bambanker here.


  • Freezing medium
  • Serum-free medium for prolonged freezing at – 80 ° C
  • No freezing program and no liquid nitrogen needed
  • Ready to use (DMSO already included)
  • Universal: Common and valuable cell lines of normal and tumor cells can be preserved, resulting in a large number of intact cells after thawing
  • Recovery rates of even higher sensitive cells compared to normal media
  • The medium has 2 years of useful life at 4 ° C.
  • Download the Bambanker brochure here.
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Bambanker ™ can be purchased in Colombia through Quimirel, the official representative of the brand in the country.