Category of pollution

So what is the biggest threat to human beings these days? Someone say atomic war and other things like that. But do you know what the biggest threat to human beings is these days it is pollution? We don’t know that there is a chance of third world war or not but they way pollution is increasing in our environment and creating a different type of diseases it is for sure that it will harm human being on the bigger scale even bigger than war. As pollution is taking over the world we will see its more harmful effect on human life now we are facing the global warming it will increase in future if we will not reduce it and take measure to reduce it. For doing this we have to understand what pollution it and what are its type and origin.


Any undesirable change in the environment is called pollution which can cause harmful effects on human lives. So if we see when God develop this earth he produced it in his best environment but what will we do we try to change it and in doing so we will pollute its environment which is not good for us and earth as well. Whenever in the past we develop a product or invent something new we only see its positive aspects and did not pay attention to its negative side which causes pollution in our environment.

In the past when we move toward the era of industrialization we were not considering its bad effects on the environment at that time we will only concerned with positive effects. So what happened it provides us its positive effects immediately but we will not take care of its bad aspects which will start polluting our environment? We build huge industries which produce toxic waste which will pollute our environment in different ways. We did not stop there we start cutting trees which will help to reduce pollution but we cut them and build industries which produce these toxic waste. So the global warming we facing these days start in the past by human being its self.

Type of pollution:

There are different types of pollutions in the earth environment but the main two type of pollution which harming human life most is Air pollution and water pollution. The reason behind these two types of pollution in waste which is produced by industries and factories. These companies harming our environment in both ways by producing and releasing toxic gases in the air. Which cause air pollution and by throwing it’s waste toxic products in water without recycling in our rivers. so due to these two ways, they produce pollution which makes air and water polluted and by consuming polluted air and water human being face different diseases. Many companies are providing a different solution for these kinds of pollutions. They produce different products like vollara living water which you can buy here on their website and showrooms. Which is used to purify polluted water?