3 Things To Expect in Your Community After a Hurricane

When a severe weather system impacts a community, it can create devastating living conditions. Homes could be destroyed. Power is cut off. Water is contaminated. Trying to keep up with your daily needs becomes difficult. Leaving may not be possible, and you’ll have to handle personal matters such as cleaning up your property, working with insurers and calling out restoration crews. In these times, your local agencies may provide you with several services, hoping to ease the burden. Here are three things you could expect.

1. Provision Distribution

Often organizations establish food pick up locations. Before the storm, you should stock up on water and dry or canned food. If your house, however, was ruined, this may not be available anymore. These stations, stock up on items that provide sustenance until stores are restocked and funds are available again for sale. Chances are they’ll have things such as bottled water, canned vegetables and cereal. Peanut butter and bread are also staples that last and fill.

2. Sanitizing Stations

Your representatives may arrange for disaster tools and equipment such as modular restrooms and showers. After days living without air conditioning and clean facilities, these may truly be a refreshing experience. It’s a chance for you to maintain hygiene when your own utilities are not functional. Ask your local offices for this assistance. 

3. Laundry Services

It’s possible you may only have a few items of clothing. They can become grimy pretty quick. Mobile washer and dryer units can be utilized to offer neighbors an opportunity to continue wearing something appropriate and sanitized. These are usually free and located in a monitored section.

This is a trying time, filled with an abundance of emotions. Take heart that your local authorities may be able supply you with immediate essentials. While it cannot take away the chaos, it may ease the discomfort.